Friday, April 07, 2006

Black Cat Motif

It's about 5:30 in the morning and here I am sketching out designs.

That's a good sign, isn't it? Afterall, I did end a multiplayer session of Civ IV to do this.

Here are some new sketches for your eyes.

Some notes:

The top design is based off of a vest that I currently already have in stock. I'm trying to come up with many variaions before I settle.

However, hitting some creativity blocks, I started doing some writing, as well as looking around for some inspiring designs. Namely, my biggest current influence is Hyung Tae Kim as well as this japanese clothing online store.

I realized I needed a theme for this collection, several motifs and color schemes. I broke it down as follows:

Motif: Cats. Creatures of the night.
Colors: Black + Green/Blue/Red/White lines and patterns
Theme: Clothing that transform human beings +
prints on fabric
the heavy use of zippers as "teeth"
Images: Night clouds. Moon (sparingly). Tails. Teeth. Knives.
Words: Ferocious. Quick/Swift. Night. Unrelenting.

Also I realize that yes, some designs would be too difficult to produce. However there are two schools of thought from which one can apply concept design:

Concept design from bottom up: Disregard all technical challenges and figure it out along the way, making changes as needed.

Concept design from top down: Clothing design must reflect practical ways of fashioning material, fabrics, etc.

The second technique is far more professional, however I don't have the technical knowledge right now. I have visions and inspirations, and to me that is currently more important. I'm sure I'll figure the stuff out and learn the technical side as I explore the possibility space.


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